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Cloud Chamber


May 2019

This spring we built a cloud chamber, a container of air supersaturated with alcohol vapor and cooled by dry ice, to detect charged particles by the tracks they create. We observed alpha and beta particles and muons produced by cosmic rays originating far away in the universe. We also experimented with electric and magnetic fields to observe how they affected the trails.



October 2018 

Micrometeorites are small space particles that fall to Earth every day. In October, EOPS took a field trip to the roof of Love Gymnasium in search of this stardust. We collected dirt samples using powerful magnets and examined the samples under a microscope. Here's a rare iron micrometeorite we found!  

For another fun method of collecting stardust, check out this guide from Home Science Tools. Browse their website for more science projects!



May 2018

EOPS Co-heads Avery Clowes and Billy Menken won a trip to Intel’s week-long International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Pittsburgh with their enhanced rocket engine, a magnetoplasmadynamic thruster, in 2018 (their 10th grade year).



January 2018

Phillips Exeter alum Tim Kuo, an engineer for NASA's Cassini spacecraft, visited EOPS for a forum this January. We discussed everything from thermal management to public policy.

EOPS Begins!


September 2017

 EOPS has been confirmed as a new Phillips Exeter Academy Club. Here's to a great start!