by high schoolers, for high schoolers

Our Vision


For Our Community

At Phillips Exeter Academy we engage with our classmates and young students from the wider community through discussions and projects  to introduce to them the opportunities of space. 


For Our Planet

Humanity is on the threshold of one of the greatest leaps in history. We want to spread our club's ideas and motivations to the rest of the world and initiate a new enthusiasm for progress and exploration.


For Our Universe

Outer space has always been and continues to be a source of wonder and inspiration for people around the world. We dream of harnessing our potential and driving together towards the unknown to satisfy this curiosity and open unimaginable opportunity. 

Our team

Billy Menken


Co-founder and co-head

Woodbury, Minnesota

Avery Clowes


Co-founder and co-head

Bolton, Massachusetts

About Us

James Long


Business and Analytics Manager

Wayzata, Minnesota

Gabriel Wong


Media Director

New York, New York

David Gonzalez


Curriculum Coordinator

Bronx, New York

Our Advisers

Morgan Dudley


 Phillips Exeter Academy 

Director of Institutional Advancement

Exeter class of 1977

Williams College – B.A. 

Stanford University – MBA

David Gulick


 Phillips Exeter Academy 

Physics Instructor

University of Virginia – B.S.

University of California-Berkeley – M.S.

Our School

We are grateful to our high school, Phillips Exeter Academy, for generously bringing us together from around America and around the world to give us a superb education with amazing faculty.  

We are fortunate to have our school and its education as the base of the platform we're building to connect our peers everywhere, sharing our hopes and dreams.