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Our Club

The Exeter Off-Planet Society is a student-founded and student-run organization on the campus of Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. We hope to connect with like-minded high schoolers around the world to express the space-related aspirations of our generation.


Our Mission

We believe humanity is on the cusp of one of the greatest leaps in history: engaging the off-Earth realm–and we intend to be part of it. The potential for human expansion, scientific advance, new business opportunities, and other yet-unknown avenues is huge. Our mission is to introduce, educate, and inspire our generation to take full advantage of this revolution.

Learn. Lead. Launch.

Lighting up the path from high school to outer space.



Filmed to educate and inspire you about humanity's future in outer space – and what you can do now to prepare.

The High Schooler's Guide to the Galaxy


Our handbook compiling all the opportunities you need to know about to get ready for the space age, like projects, clubs, discussion questions, camps, educational sources, and much more.

Why space?

Seth Amofa - Chicago, Illinois


"Because I'm Curious"

Timothy LoChugTin - Lam Tin, Hong Kong


"For Our Survival"

Rohit Mital - Rochester Hills, Michigan


"Because I Love the Earth"

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Why Space? 

Hear answers from our peers  around the world.